Deploy your business processes reducing implementation costs

Key Benefits of using Akflow

  • Choosing AkFlow represents time benefits for your organization, reducing about 35% of the time needed to deploy an average process compared to other products of similar performance.
  • The price of AkFlow is more cost effective than similar products, allowing to the company savings of approximately 50% along the whole project.
  • Integrates its processes in a friendly web interface and simple to use.
  • Enables reuse forms deployed to any web development technologies market leaders.

Quick and easy

Once the processes are designed and the services constructed, deploying AkFlow in your organization is a very simple and fast process, because it is a lightweight web application, enabling all users in the company to access it easily.

User friendly

Using AkFlow your organization can integrate Business Processes in a friendly and simple to use web interface, with possibilities of reusing forms implemented using any web development technology leader in the market (PHP, Java and .NET).

Access everywhere

Akflow enables all users within the company access easily...